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Awful. Full of bugs.


Can't set alarm date on my 4S

I really want to use this app but the alarm doesn't work on my phone.

Great idea

On 4S iOS 7.04 Unable to connect to Facebook because Cancel button hovers over button to confirm login. Then subsequent attempts to connect Facebook crash the app. Unable to complete scheduling alarms because calendar doesn't appear. Unable to assign locations app crashes as animation starts to zoom to map location.

Not working

I cannot choose the dates for the alarm because the window is blank, so the alarm won't finish setting up.

Great app

Very cool app helping me get up in the mornings. Nice job.


OMG this app is amaaaaazing. It's the best creation on this planet, life savor!

Its really good

I loved the design and style of the app too, its vey user friendly!!! No problems at all!! Good, i think ur last name should be hagopian (armenian name)

ugly App

This app does not work ever, it is a disaster. late for work by this App

Works great!

The app works exactly as promised. I had to reinstall to get it to work the first time but no big deal. A few tips to make it easier to use: 1) the buttons seem kind of picky at times. You have to be really careful and accurate. 2) the dismiss / snooze buttons should be larger. Without my glasses in the morning it's hard to see what they say / hit it accurately. 3) an option for the alarm to crescendo would be really nice. 4) a link to your site in the app with a donate here button. I love trying free apps and when I find one I'll use on a daily basis, I donate to the developer.

Too much fun

Great idea!

Brings a smile to my face

I really enjoy waking up to this app. Brings a big smile to my face knowing that all my friends are "watching." Can't wait for the next version.

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